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The third training on forest plantation

After the first and second training on forest plantation, People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) continues the third training on the same topic for 10 members of Xuan Nha Women Union and 03 members of Xuan Nha Nature Reserve Forest Protection.

The training took place from 19-20 March 2019, at PanNature’s field office – Bo Nhay 2 Village, Van Ho commune, Van Ho district, Son La province and Xuan Nha Nature Reserve forest.

The 3rd training focused on causes and prevention of common diseases during seedlings; the development of monitoring table; and control of humidity and shading for seeds by age.

In addition, this training also facilitates women participants to practice planning and budgeting for forest planting activities; techniques for soil selection, land clearance and hole digging; as well as techniques for planting and tending forest trees in the first 3 years.

Based on the knowledge learned, the trainers and participants have surveyed and selected forest plantation area which is located in the nature reserve, sub-area 1003, plot 3, lot 33. Trainers also analyzed soil, measured elevation, exposures, and designed plantation drawings. This is the basis for forest plantation in the future.

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