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To carry out its mission during the period of 2007 – 2010, PanNature applies a wide range of actions that reflect its ambition to become one of the key players in the field of nature conservation and sustainable development in Vietnam. The utmost goal is to involve more change agents and practitioners, who share our vision and belief by implementing innovative approaches and solutions. PanNature aims to empower its local partners and communities with the capacity, resources, and confidence to participate in the process of social change towards a more sustainable future. With the experience gained from our organizational development stage from 2006 to 2008, PanNature will now focus on the quality and effectiveness of our programs and activities through following programs:

Other important environmental and conservation issues – including climate change, business and the environment, carbon finance, and hydropower development – will be explored and studied through information and communication activities (ThienNhien.Net) and policy reviews (the Environmental Policy Program). Findings and results of these initial steps will help PanNature shape future strategies.

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