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PanNature works to protect and conserve diversity of life while improving human well-being in Vietnam. We rely on financial support from generous donors to realize our ideas and initiatives.

Currently, PanNature is seeking financial support to boost the field research fellowship program, which aims at creating a new generation of Vietnamese conservation practitioners and leaders. Vietnamese university and graduate students will carry out research activities in our field office facilities, community forests and two protected areas Hang Kia – Pa Co and Xuan Nha in the Northwestern mountains of Vietnam. Research fellows will work with our field team for 2-4 months.

More information about this project is available on the online fundraising platform Global Giving. You can help us accomplish this initiative by:

  • Becoming our donor: Donate through Global Giving here >>
  • Sharing the fundraising campaign link to friends, colleagues and other people who may be interested in supporting such initiative.

Thank you very much!

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