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People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) is a Vietnamese not-for-profit organization. Established by a diverse group of dedicated Vietnamese environmental professionals, PanNature thinks creatively about solving the most salient environmental issues facing Vietnam. We use our wide experience, varied skills and contagious motivation to help lead a community-based movement to preserve Vietnam’s natural heritage and promote sustainable development nationwide. We believe that this can only be achieved by mobilizing society and changing values. PanNature was established in late 2004 and successfully registered as a not-for-profit organization in January 2006.

As time goes by …

PanNature's first office in 2004: A Vietnamese company shared us one small room without any charge. A team of four staff and one volunteer began to develop programs and activities, as well as started up networks with other organizations.


PanNature's first rental office in 2005: The team expanded with more staff and volunteers. PanNature rent a modest office in the new surburb of Hanoi.


PanNature's current office sufficiently accomodates working space for our staff, interns, and increasing volunteers. Please find the direction maps to our office in the "Contact Us" section.


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