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Values and Principles

Our guiding philosophy and overall principles are reflected in the following viewpoints:

  • Nature is vital for human survival not only today but for other generations in the future. Vietnam will not achieve sustainable development goals without conserving its natural resources. Conservation of biodiversity and sustainable management of natural resources help secure a better future for the next generations;
  • Humans are part of the ecosystems they live in, and have the right to exist equally with other organisms. Therefore, people must be responsible for the protection of life to ensure we can coexist harmoniously with our environment;
  • In dealing with environmental conflicts and problems, the impact on human welfare takes precedence, as we are the ones affected by the negative impacts on nature that we cause. We are also the ones who can provide solutions to these environmental problems;
  • All people in society have the right to enjoy a healthy environment;
  • PanNature protects public interests by preserving the benefits of a healthy environment for all. PanNature does not serve the interest of any specific person or group;
  • Innovation and creativity shall be important values of PanNature as sources for creating changes for the sake of biodiversity and nature.

In order to ensure focus and effectiveness of all programs and activities, as well as compliance with the organization’s vision and mission, PanNature limits its involvement as follows:

What we do:

  • We implement sustainable environmental protection and nature conservation solutions;
  • We support and assist the Government in positive efforts at environmental protection, nature conservation, and sustainable development for all;
  • We cooperate with other organizations and individuals sharing the same vision in protecting nature and the environment;
  • We inform the public on a wide range of issues, including biodiversity, sustainable livelihood options and environmental policy and law;
  • We protect public interests, especially those of the poor and the disadvantaged, by promoting equal access to natural resources.

What we do not do:

  • We do not support unsustainable exploitation, trade, and use of natural resources;
  • We do not promote technologies, solutions, and activities that cause negative impacts on natural resources or peoples’ living environment;
  • We do not support exploitative trade or business, especially those activities that reduce access to natural resources for the poor and disadvantaged.
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