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PRESS RELEASE: “Regreening Forest 2024” Campaign Launches to Celebrate the World Environment Day

In a collaborative effort to combat deforestation and restore critical habitat, several organizations joined forces to launch the "Regreening Forest 2024" initiative. Held on June 2nd in Van Ho commune, Son La province, the event marks a significant step towards a long-term goal of restoring 500 hectares of forest along the ecological corridor connecting Hoa Binh and Son La provinces.

Empowering Conservation: Lessons Learned at the ICCA Regional Assembly

PanNature actively supports community-led conservation efforts, and our participation in the 5th ICCA Southeast Asia Regional Assembly (March 3rd-8th, 2024) exemplifies this commitment. The Assembly brought together passionate individuals from across Southeast Asia, united in their mission to protect nature and empower indigenous communities.

Field Survey in Van Ho to Identify Potential Areas to Prepare a Forest Restoration Plan for 2024

Farming and local livelihood development are encroaching on the Van Ho forest's rich biodiversity, which threatens the survival of a small population of the Northern White-cheeked Gibbon sharing the same home. PanNature has worked with local communities and authorities to boost conservation efforts to rebuild fragmented forest regions. Following the successful forest restoration campaign in May 2023, which drew approximately 200 participants, PanNature will continue annual events to mobilize local actions for regreening forests.

Customary Tenure in Relation to Free, Prior, and Informed Consent and Existing Safeguards for Indigenous People and Local Communitie

This study, conducted by PanNature with financial and technical support from the NTFP-EP program, primarily aims to evaluate the impact of community consultation processes and mechanisms ensuring community participation in recognizing traditional rights in Vietnam, with a particular emphasis on Free, Prior, and Informed Consent (FPIC). The study focuses on regions characterized by mountainous terrain and forest landscapes.

Reforestation Activities in Van Ho with Support from the Business Sector

The success of the forest restoration campaign in May 2023 would not be possible without valuable support from the engagement and support of local companies. Momo, a leading electronic payment platform, helped PanNature to carry out crowd fundraising with a total of nearly 80 million Dong (about 3,285 US dollars). We also received donations, both in-kind and cash, from two big companies TH True Milks and Tupperware, in addition to in-kind donations from the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations. 

ERPA Handbook: Q&A for individuals, households and communities

The North Central Region GHG Emission Reduction Payment Agreement (ERPA) is a carbon transfer agreement signed on October 20, 2020 between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Bank for Reconstruction and Development. International Development (IBRD), trustee of the Forest Carbon Partnership Fund (FCPF).

Seminar on Enhancing Stakeholder Participation in North Central Emission Reduction Benefits

To share and discuss the North Central Region Emission Reduction Payment Agreement (ERPA) aiming to support the community and relevant parties to implement the forest emission reduction payment policy effectively, PanNature organized a series of consultation meetings, workshops, seminars, and training on the ERPA benefit sharing plan in two provinces of Thua Thien - Hue and Quang Binh.
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