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Shaping a sustainable future in the forests of the A Luoi Valley

The A Luoi Valley bears the scars of war and suffered the tactical use of herbicides. Today it also faces the challenges of deforestation, reforestation, and struggles for resources between diverse stakeholder groups. How do people in the A Luoi Valley in Vietnam manage their forestland in times of accelerated climate change, and what are their livelihood needs?

The r4d project Assessing the ‘Nature’ of a ‘Forest Transition’ in Vietnam: Ecosystem Services and Social-Ecological Resilience in Locally Managed Forest Landscapes (FTViet) set out to analyze the specific challenges of local communities. The FTViet project arranges as part of the research process dialogues between different stakeholders to combine scientific evidence and local expertise.

This video titled “How do A Luoi Valley people perceive the change?” was produced as part of the r4d Digital Storytellers synthesis project. TS contents were filmed and selected by Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai Van and her colleagues.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai Van is vice-director of PanNature. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in Environment and Development Studies at the Institute of Geography and Sustainable Development, University of Lausanne (Switzerland).


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