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PanNature’s staff be Selected by Eco-Peace Leadership Center

The manager of the project “Impacts of small hydropower project on local livelihoods and ecosystems from the views of ethnic communities”, Ms. Chao Thi Yen, People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) has been selected by the Eco-Peace Leadership Center (EPLC) to become one of 10 leaders from Asia-Pacific region to participate in the 13th EPLC Program.

She is the only representative of Vietnam being selected this year. Accordingly, from May 21st to May 25th 2019, the representative of PanNature will participate in the Asia-Pacific Environment Forum organized at Kangwon National University, Korea with other leaders from 7 countries in the Asia-Pacific region to launch the 13th EPLC Program.

The forum is a good opportunity for the leaders to introduce their ideas of project implementation, to learn from leaders in previous years, and to listen to the contributions of experts for project improvement.

The Eco-Peace Leadership Program is an annual program funded by the Eco-Peace Leadership Center, Korea and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) aiming at: strengthening the capacity of leaders in addressing environmental issues; providing leaders with opportunities to learn modern information technology through programs and sharing among CSOs in the Asia-Pacific region, and;  promoting international cooperation in the field of environment, simultaneously.

The Program sponsors for small research projects selected by candidates working on 7 major topics: Desertification and Forest; Water and Dams; Renewable Energy; Local Area Revival; Urban Ecology Environment; Environment and Culture, and; Peace and Cooperation. This program usually lasts for about 1 year, however, the duration of the project can be prolonged depending on each project.

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