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PanNature officially joined IPEN – a toxics-free future for all global network

On November 15th, PanNature has successfully registered as a participating organization in IPEN – a global network of public interest NGOs working together for a world in which toxic chemicals are no longer produced or used in ways that harm human health and the environment.


IPEN was established in 1998 as a nongovernmental organization in Sweden. Currently, it comprises of more than 500 public interest, non-governmental organizations in over 100 countries, primarily in developing countries.  In South and Southeast Asia, EcoWaste is IPEN regional coordinator.  

IPEN operates in all six UN languages and is coordinated via eight regional hubs in different continents. IPENers take action internationally, working on local, regional and global campaigns and policies in following areas: (i) reducing and eliminating the world’s most hazardous chemicals (ii) promoting stronger international chemicals standards (iii) halting the spread of toxic metals and (iv) building a global toxics-free movement.

PanNature hope to connect and work with other participating organizations to promote environmental protection missions and public interest in relevant issues.

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