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Lesson Learnt on Tourism Development in National Parks and Nature Reserves

On July 21th, 2018, in Danang, People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) in collaboration with Da Nang Union of Science & Technology Associations, GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Centre (GreenViet) and Environment & Biological Resource Teaching Research Team (DN-EBR) organized the first international workshop on “Biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the Central and Highlands“, with the 2018 topic is “Lesson learnt on tourism development in National Parks and Nature Reserves”.

Photo: PanNature

The workshop aims at:

  • Create a forum for sharing lessons learnt about tourism in National Parks and Nature Reserves;
  • Discuss issues related to the pressure created by tourism on biodiversity conservation in National Parks and Nature Reserves;
  • Multi-stakeholder consultations to propose appropriate ecotourism models for National Parks and Nature Reserves to achieve sustainable development goal.
    Photo: PanNature

The workshop was attended by near 150 delegates from state agencies, civil society organizations, research institutions, university working on biodiversity conservation and other relevant topics.

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