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River basin management in Vietnam: Power and challenges

This policy discussion report is initiated, revised and completed by PanNature’s Policy Research Department under professional instructions of Dr Dao Trong Tu, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Water Resources Development and Adaptation to Climate Change(CEWAREC), Advisor to Vietnam Rivers Network and Member of Global Water Partnership Southeast Asia (GWPSEA).

Report cover

During the development of the report, Dr Dao Trong Tu has received contributions from experienced experts in river basin and water management in Vietnam. The report is also a collection of ideas and opinions of relevant managers and scientists in the Dialogue meeting on river basin management in Vietnam held by PanNature in cooperation with Vietnam Water Partnership in Thai Nguyen Province, August 2009 and Vietnam’s River workshop: From community’s perspectives and policy status organised in Hanoi in May 2011.

PanNature would like to thank the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund and the Ford Foundation for supporting our media and policy work on environmental and natural resources issues in Vietnam that contribute to the production of this report.

PanNature expects this report to be a useful resource for individuals and agencies who are interested in promoting general management of water resource, institutionalising administration of river basin and process of updating Vietnam’s Water Resource Law (1998). Download the report here (in Vietnamese language only).

English text: The Babbler No.42 (July 2012)

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