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Friends in need

During this turbulent time, we are so relieved to have helping hands from many supporters in different ways. Dr. Marcel Marchand is among these valuable helpers. He joined us in late 2022 and agreed to serve as the Technical Advisor for the team on a volunteer basis.

Dr. Marchand received his Ph.D. from Delft Technical University for his work on an integrated modeling approach to assessing coastal flood vulnerability.

Dr. Marcel joined PanNature in a forest restoration activity.

Dr. Marchand has been working in Vietnam in the position of Country Director of Deltares, a Dutch independent institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface. He has a scientific background as a policy analyst and an ecological scientist with numerous papers and book contributions on flood vulnerability, tsunamis, environmental flows, coastal erosion management, coastal resilience, and sea level rise.

Currently, Dr. Marchand is working as Chief Technical Advisor for Integrated Coastal Protection and Mangrove Rehabilitation in the Mekong Delta, a project co-funded by KfW and executed by GOPA (Germany).

With profound experience and extensive expertise, Dr. Marcel Marchard is a valuable advisor for PanNature. With his help, PanNature has developed and finalized the Strategic Plan for 2023 – 2025.

Thank you, Dr. Marcel Marchand. Our team hopes to learn much more from you!

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