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Local organizations receive USAID Species Conservation Fund Grants for Viet Nam wildlife conservation projects

Hanoi, February 13, 2023, Three local organizations, received the first grants provided by the Species Conservation Fund (SCF) as part of the five-year USAID Biodiversity Conservation Project includes People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature), Center for Nature Conservation and Development (CCD), and GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Center (GreenViet). The Species Conservation Fund (SCF) aims to improve conservation of key species of wildlife in Viet Nam.

PanNature received an SCF award to implement a one-year project that will propose appropriate conservation measures and contribute to updating the current status and distribution of the spot-finned loach (Schistura spiloptera) – a Critically Endangered species in Bach Ma National Park and Bac Hai Van Protection Forest.

CCD was awarded an SCF grant to contribute to the important biodiversity database of Vu Quang National Park, as well as support the survey and monitoring program of the critically endangered white-cheeked gibbon (Nomascus leucogenys) in the park.

GreenViet’s SCF award will focus on collaboration with the Management Board of Song Thanh National Park to conduct a comprehensive study of the population and distribution of Gray-shanked Douc Langar (Pygathrix cinerea) in the National Park. The project will also support the management and protection of the species and develop a 5-year conservation action plan to be integrated into the Sustainable Forest Management Plan of Song Thanh National Park.

“Species conservation under the Sustainable Forest Management and Biodiversity Conservation (VFBC) project funded by USAID is an activity of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The participation of local organizations receiving support from the Species Conservation Fund will contribute to the effective conservation of biodiversity in National Parks across the country,” according to Mr. Vu Van Hung, Director of the VFBC Project and Deputy Head Management Board for Forestry Projects (MBFP).

USAID’s Director of Climate Change, Energy and Environment, Annie Wallace, explained, “The Species Conservation Fund will create a great opportunity for harnessing local leadership and innovation in conservation and assist local organizations and research institutes’ efforts that advance the Government of Vietnam’s conservation priorities. Local organizations are critical partners in species conservation efforts.”

“Relatively few resources have been invested in wildlife conservation in Viet Nam, compared to forestry for example, and so the Species Conservation Fund will provide much-needed funding for local organizations with the capacity to implement efforts to conserve some of Viet Nam’s, and the world’s, most important species”, said Nick Cox, Chief of Party, USAID Biodiversity Conservation, WWF.

Ms. Nguyen Thuy Hang (middle), PanNature’s Communication Manager, received the award certificate from SCF.
VFBC’s Director, USAID Biodiversity Conservation’s Chief of Party, SCF’s Focal Point, and representatives of grantees are joining the discussion panel and responding to the media.

Source: WWF Vietnam

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