First Edition of the Policy Review

Policy Review is a publication of People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) covering natural resources, the environment and sustainable development in Vietnam. Each quarter, we manage to update and provide relevant information to organizations and individuals who are interested in the making, drafting, promulgation and enforcement processes of Vietnam’s natural resources and environmental laws and policies.

The Policy Review will be published in Vietnamese and English. We will provide a limited number of hard-copies to interested organizations and individuals. Preferably, we will send the electronic version to those who sign up for our newsletters via email. Furthermore, the Policy Review will be posted on PanNature’s website for public access.

During the first quarter of 2011, there are 42 legal documents related to the natural resources and environment sector promulgated or put into effect. These documents focus on institution and finance in the natural resources and environment sector; environmental management and environmental pollution; forest management; biodiversity; mineral resource management; water resource management; and climate change.

We hope to receive feedback, suggestions and comments regarding this edition so that we can improve the quality of our next newsletter. PanNature is also willing to publish articles, policy analysis, and discussion concerning natural resources-environment-sustainable development issues from readers in our newsletter, as well as on our daily news website ThienNhien.Net.

Download the full copy of the Policy Review in English (PDF, 1.72 MB).

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