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During the last three years, as a small non-profit, PanNature has severely suffered from the no-cost extension of projects due to social distancing and lockdowns, funding cuts, and resource competition. We had to reduce almost half of our team. As reserved resource has run out, PanNature faces a significant challenge in maintaining core staff and covering basic operating costs before new resources are secured.

Despite difficulties, we have managed to maintain our active engagement from the community level to national policy platforms, provision of public information services, and help communities and partners to cope with the unprecedented situation within limited resources.

PanNature is seeking support from you for our organization to recover. This financial support will help us:

  • Maintain core staff to keep the organization functional.
  • Cover basic general operating costs.
  • Continue our public information services on the news portal and social media platforms.
  • Maintain our support for local communities protecting ecosystems and wildlife.
  • Implement our Strategic Plan 2023-2025 to adapt to the new context.

Your support will be a critical resource for PanNature to maintain our active engagement in biodiversity conservation and environmental protection in Vietnam. This will also help secure the future of PanNature and sustain the organization’s achievements over the last 18 years in conserving ecosystems and wildlife, providing support for local communities and civil society, enriching public knowledge on environmental issues, and contributing to natural resource governance and policies in Vietnam.

You can donate to PanNature through different ways:

1) Our donation page on GiveAsia >>

2) If you’re from business sector and having a corporate giving program, please consider supporting us through Benevity. You will join hundreds of global enterprise companies to make a charitable impact.

3) If you are in Vietnam, you can donate through bank transfer in Vietnam Dong. Just scan the QR code with your bank app:












4) Or donate through Paypal.


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