Communication and Publications

a) Produce a variety of publications in Vietnamese for the public
We believe that a lack of good publications, in Vietnamese, about Vietnam’s environment, nature and wildlife prevent the public from learning about our natural heritage and the need for conservation efforts.

We will develop and produce different types of publications on nature, wildlife, and environmental themes, including books, booklets, leaflets, posters, technical manuals and toolkits on nature, wildlife, environmental themes, environmental education and communication, environmental advocacy, and sustainable natural resource use and management.

These publications will be made available to the public through sales in bookshops nation-wide. PanNature will allocate a number of these publications and materials for distribution free of charge to interested organizations, institutions, and individuals.

b) Promote environmental literacy through online media
We believe that the Internet is becoming a vital forum for learning, sharing ideas, and motivating actions. ICT (Information and Communications Technology) will form a critical part of modern society. It will change the way people communicate and interact with each other in Vietnam in the very near future.

We will promote environmental literacy, sharing knowledge and environmental justice through the Internet. The website is dedicated to this activity. PanNature also utilizes ICT for distributing information, exchanging knowledge, and networking with the outside. These initiatives include email groups, discussion fora, and electronic newsletters.

c) Develop interactive and multimedia products
We believe that the most effective way to attract a wide-ranging audience to conservation messages is through working with the mass media.

We will partner with national and provincial television agencies to promote environmental awareness and sustainable development through educational and scientific film series. In addition, PanNature also looks at opportunities to integrate awareness messages into multimedia products such as video films, animation, and web-based interactive applications.

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