Since its inception, PanNature has focused on building a team of experienced and committed people who share the belief that young Vietnamese can make significant changes and contribute to the course of conserving Vietnam’s precious natural resources. We are proud to be a strong team and to get support from respected Vietnamese and international conservationists and scientists.


Trinh Le NguyenTrinh Le Nguyen, M.Sc (Water – Environment – Oceanography)
Executive Director

Before establishing PanNature, Nguyen was one of the founders and Program Director of Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV), a leading Vietnamese environmental education non-profit. Nguyen was involved in, and initiated, many environmental education and natural resource management projects throughout Vietnam during his time working in ENV and Fauna and Flora International (FFI). Nguyen has also served on governance and advisory boards of different environmental and conservation organizations in Vietnam.
HXTHoang Xuan Thuy, M.Sc (Human Ecology)
Deputy Director – Field Programs
Hoang Xuan Thuy has been involved in many conservation initiatives throughout Vietnam. He was a researcher with the Owston’s Civet Conservation Program in Cuc Phuong National Park before joining PanNature. Thuy has extensive experience working with local communities, forest rangers, and managers of protected areas. Thuy finished his M.Sc program in Belgium late 2013.

nguyenhaivanNguyen Thi Hai Van, M.Sc (Forest and Nature Conservation Policy)
Deputy Director – Research & Policy
Ms. Nguyen Thi Hai Van graduated from the Department of Environmental Science of Hanoi National University of Natural Sciences and got her M.Sc from Wageningen University (Netherlands). She joined PanNature in September 2008, right after her graduation from university. Van has worked as the coordinator of the Policy Program with intensive focus on studying and analysing contemporary laws and legislation on environmental protection and natural resources in Vietnam. From September 2016 to December 2017, Van served as the Policy Program Manager. On 17th May 2019, Van officially took the position of Deputy Director.

Currently, Van is working on her Ph.D project on social aspects of forest change in Vietnam at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland).


Hong PhuongTran Hong Phuong, B.Sc (Landscape Design and Horticulture)
Admin & HR Officer
Phuong graduated with a B.Sc degree in Landscape Design and Horticulture from Ho Chi Minh City University of Agro-forestry. She joined the Editorial Board of ThienNhien.Net in mid-2007 as an intern. She was then promoted to a full-time position with PanNature. Recently, Phuong has begun working with the Finance and Administration Department.
Do Thi Hong Nhung, B.A(Public Administration)
Administrative Officer
Do Thi Hong Nhung got her B.A from the National Academy of Public Administration in October 2008. Before joining PanNature, Hong Nhung has worked at different positions, including Human Resource Officer for a telecommunication company and then Executive Secretary for a real estate corporation. She started to work at PanNature since November 2012.


NHTNguyen Huyen Trang, B.Sc (Agronomy), B.A (Finance & Accounting)
Finance and Accounting Manager
Trang graduated from Hanoi Agricultural University and Foreign Trade University. Since her start with PanNature in early 2006, Trang has been involved in field environmental education and training projects in Cat Ba National Park, Thua Thien – Hue, Tuyen Quang, and Lao Cai. She has also been involved in the field assessment of community awareness and behaviors on natural resources in Chu Yang Sin National Park (Dak Lak province). Trang began working with the Finance and Administration Department in 2010.
bichthuyNguyen Thi Bich Thuy, B.A (Accounting)
Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy got her B.A in Finance and Banking from the National Univeristy of Economics in 2011. After graduation, she worked as an intern and then program financial staff of Oxfam Hongkong. She then worked for Helpage International as an accountant. Since February 2014, Bich Thuy became a member of Finance and Accounting Department of PanNature.
Anh SinhLe Van Sinh, Associate Bachelor (Accounting)
Sinh joined PanNature in April 2008. Before that time, he was the Vice Director of Hanoi Heat – Refrigeration Co. Ltd. and Vice Director of Dan Phu Si Company. Sinh also served as Vice Chairman of Da Nang Sub-Association of Disable Youth (2005 – 2008 term).


Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang, B.A (Russian, major in interpretation and translation)
Program Manager
Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang joined PanNature in late 2008 after almost five years working as an editor and translator at the Center for East-West Cultures and Languages. She has been working as the Editing Manager of Environmental News and Stories – ThienNhien.Net. From May 2018, Hang takes the role as the Communications and Data Program Manager.
Phan Bich HuongPhan Thi Bich Huong, M.A (Linguistics)
Editor of ThienNhien.Net
After finishing her undergraduate degree in linguistics at the University of Social Sciences and Humanity (Hanoi National University) in 2006, Ms. Huong worked with several communication companies. She joined the Communication Department of PanNature in October 2009 as an editor of the news website ThienNhien.Net. Huong has just finished her M.A degree in Linguistics.
Duong Van ThoDuong Van Tho, B.A (Linguistics)
Communication Officer
After finishing his undergraduate degree in linguistics at the University of Social Sciences and Humanity (Hanoi National University) in June 2002, Tho worked for Bac Ninh Newspaper and two communication companies in Hanoi as a reporter and an editor for over nine years. Tho started working for PanNature from September 2011.
Tran Thi Thanh Hai, B.Sc (Environmental Science)
Data Editor
Hai started fresh with PanNature right after finishing her B.Sc in Environmental Studies in Hanoi University of Natural Sciences. She has involved in both communication and research activities on various topics. Hai is currently working with the open data team as an editor.
Nguyen Hong NhungNguyen Hong Nhung, M.A (International Relations)
Creative Communicator
Nguyen Hong Nhung completed her master degree of International Relations from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam in November 2018. She worked as a communications intern in an international non-profit organization in Vietnam and managed a number of communication activities for volunteer campaigns before joining PanNature from June 2019.
Nguyen Ngoc HienNguyen Ngoc Hien, B.A (International Relations)
Communication Officer
Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Hien graduated with a BA in International Relations from the Academy of Journalism and Communication in 2019. Ms. Hien has participated in communication activities and coordinated programs and educational events for youth with Towards Transparency. In addition, she also collaborated on television program and internship at World News Editorial Board of Vietnam News Agency. She joined PanNature in May 2020.


DHLDo Thi Hai Linh, B.A (Business Administration)
Program Manager
Ms. Linh joined PanNature in late 2006. She formerly worked as the Communications Manager of PanNature. She has intensive experience and knowledge in environmental reporting, multimedia production, social media, and media engagement. From May 2018, Linh moves to serve as the Research and Policy Program Manager.
Le Thi Ha Thu, M.Sc (Forest Resources and Ecological Restoration)
Program Coordinator
Ms. Le Thi Ha Thu got her B.Sc in Environmental Science from Vietnam National Forestry University in 2009 and M.Sc in Forest Resources and Ecological Restoration from Yeungnam University (R.O. Korea) in 2015. Before joining PanNature in November 2016, Ms. Thu has worked as a researcher at the Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment (ISPONRE, under MONRE) since 2010.
Nguyen Ngoc Quang, M.Sc (Forest Restoration and Development)
Program Coordinator
Nguyen Ngoc Quang graduated from the Technology and Environment Management Faculty of Dong Do University in 2005, and completed his M.Sc from Tokyo University of Technology and Agriculture, Japan. Before joining PanNature in November 2017, Mr. Quang had few years working with the German Cooperation Development (GIZ) as the Technical Officer in sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation. Currently, Mr. Quang is the Coordinator of Vietnam Mining Coalition.
Pham Thi Ha, M.Sc (Environmental and Energy Policy)
Policy Researcher
Ms. Pham Thi Ha graduated in Environmental Science from University of Natural Sciences, Hanoi National University; Master of Environmental and Energy Policy at the University of California, San Diego (USA). Before joining PanNature in June 2020, Ms. Ha worked at the Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment (ISPONRE), under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment since 2014 and the Mekong Development Research Institute since 2019. Currently, Ms. Ha is working at PanNature as Policy Researcher.
Nguyen Minh Phuong, M.Sc (Environmental Sciences)
Policy Researcher
Ms. Nguyen Minh Phuong finished her B.Sc in Soil Sciences in 2010 and M.Sc in Enviromental Sciences in 2014 from Hanoi University of Sciences (HUS). She has worked in several enviromental consulting firms and gained practical experience in enviromental impact assessment, enviromental safeguard policies, soil and water enviromental pollution treatment. Ms. Phuong started to work with PanNature since October 2016.


Nguyen Duc To LuuNguyen Duc To Luu, M.Sc (Soil Biology)
Program Manager
Mr. Nguyen Duc To Luu got his B.Sc in Agriculture (major in Soil Science and Agrochemistry) and M.Sc in Agriculture (Diploma with honours, major in Soil Biology) in Moscow State University, Russia. In addition, he also got his B.A (major in English) from Hanoi University for Foreign Studies. Mr. Luu has nearly 15 years of experience working in different organizations, including Post-Harvest Technology Institute, Center for Plant Biotechnology, Central Forest Seed Company, and Trading House Rollton (Moscow, Russia) before joining PanNature in November 2009. He is currently a member of the International Conifer Conservation Program and Hanoi Horticulture’s Association.
Phan Van Thang, M.Sc (Forestry)
Project Officer
Thang finished his B.Sc in 2008 and M.Sc in 2014 from Vietnam University of Forestry. Before joining PanNature, Thang worked as an Environmental Education and Ecotourism Officer of Binh Chau- Phuoc Buu Protected Area (Vung Tau province). Thang started working for PanNature in June 2010 as a project officer in Hoa Binh province.
TranVanSuTran Van Su, M.Sc (Agriculture)
Project Officer
Su graduated from Hanoi Agriculture University in 2009. He worked for 04 years for the Research Center for Population Development, Society and Environment before joining PanNature. He started working in the Resource Governance Department in June 2010 as a project officer in Ha Giang province. Currently, Su is carrying out field activities with the team and local partners in the Central Highlands.
Nguyen Van HoangNguyen Van Hoang, B.Sc (Forest Environment and Resources Management)
Project Officer
Mr. Nguyen Van Hoang graduated from Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry with major in Forest Environment and Resources Management. He had five-year work experience in Consultative and Research Center on Natural Resources Management (CORENAM), 2-year work experience as an Expert in Smart Farming in D&L Technology Integration and Consulting JSC., and 2-year work experience in agricultural product business in Tam Hoang Viet Group before joining PanNature. Since June 2020, he has started to work as a Project Officer in the Resources Governance Department of PanNature.
Nguyen Ba ThamNguyen Ba Tham, B.Sc (Rural Development and Agricultural Extension)
Community Forestry Officer
Mr. Nguyen Ba Tham graduated from Hanoi University of Agriculture with a degree in Rural Development and Agricultural Extension. After 12 years working at the Culture Identity and Resources Use Management (CIRUM) in various positions, from September 2020, he officially worked at PanNature with position of Community Forestry Officer.
Ha Cong LiemHa Cong Liem
Project Assistant
Mr. Ha Cong Liem has worked in PanNature’s field project office in Hang Kia – Pa Co Nature Reserve since early 2009. Before that, Liem worked in Dai Sy Investment and Technology Company as a computer technician . He graduated from Hanoi Technical and Profession College in 2008 and is currently studying his B.A in Land Administration.

Special Thanks: PanNature would like to thank following individuals for their contribution to the development of the organization:

    • Nguyen Viet Dung, co-founder of PanNature
    • Nguyen Vu Khoi, Executive Director of Wildlife at Risk
    • Nguyen Hoang Long, M.Sc (Sustainable Development)
    • Pham Quang Tung, Ph.D (Natural Resources Management)
    • Cao Dai Hung, SNV Netherlands
    • Oliver Krebs, CIM/GIZ
    • Hannes Zimmer, GIZ
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