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Forest restoration by using native multipurpose plants in Son La

On June 24, 2020, People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) in collaboration with the Women’s Union branch of Thin Village carried out the reforestation activity on community forest land in Thin village, Xuan Nha commune, Van Ho district, Son La province.

The activity aims to restore the community forest deforested by the past crop cultivation, thereby creating an additional income for the community from non-timber forest products.

Michelia mediocris, Aleurites montana, Canarium album, Celastrus hindsii and Syzygium nervosum are indigenous species selected for reforestation.

The reforestation attracted the participation of more than 50 women from the Women’s Union branch of Thin village, under the technical guidance of PanNature’s professionals.

Mr. Phan Van Thang, PanNature’s project officer gives the local women instructions on planting methods.
People listen to planting instructions before planting.

Plantation in the site is designed based on the opinions of the local people living in Thin village. The native tree species selected by the people for reforestation are Michelia mediocris, Aleurites montana, Canarium album, Celastrus hindsii, and Syzygium nervosum. In particular, Michelia mediocris and Canarium album are the major timber trees; Aleurites montana and Syzygium nervosum are intercropped as multipurpose supplementary plants; Celastrus hindsii is a medicinal plant grown under the forest canopy.

Sharing about the restoration, Mrs. Ha Thi Thuy, a member of the Women’s Union brand of Thin Village said: “I am quite old now but this doesn’t stop me from fully participating in this meaningful reforestation activity. Forest is the most precious asset for me as well as for human life. We need to join hands to save the forest through tree planting activities.”

People moved to forest recovery sites.

“I have witnessed some local farmers destroying forests for cultivation, causing serious impacts on the natural environment. Therefore, right after receiving reforestation instructions from PanNature, I informed all members of the Women’s Union Branch and got their supportive responses. Not only does the forest restoration give us a hand with environmental protection, but it also creates sustainable livelihoods for local people.”, said Mrs. Ha Thi Nga, Head of Women ‘s Union Branch of Thin Village.

At the end of the reforestation, 595 seedlings have been planted to restore an area of 3 ha in Thin village, including 350 Michelia mediocris, 120 Canarium album, 80 Syzygium nervosum, 20 Celastrus hindsii and 25 Aleurites montana seedlings.

PanNature sincerely thanks individual donors who kindly supported us in the forest restoration.

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