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Ministry of Finance Responded to the Petition of Thach Khe Iron Mine

The Ministry of Finance Inspector responded the petition sent by PanNature on behalf of Vietnam Mining Coalition to halt Thach Khe iron mine project.

According to Ministry of Finance Inspector’s Document No-107/TTr-KT, the Ministry has well received PanNature’s recommendation to close Thach Khe iron mine in Ha Tinh, as the project provides no solid legal and scientific basis, and is proved to pose many risks associated with the stabilization of mine banks, flood prevention and drainage. The project could also affect the environment through waste-dumping and the salinity intrusion of coastal areas.

Thach Khe mine

After reviewing the content of the petition, and current law, the Ministry of Finance Inspector has sent it to People’s Committee of Ha Tinh province for consideration.

Previously, on 17 January, Vietnam Mining Coalition sent the petition to leaders at all authority and agency levels. The petition said that the project has many hidden economic, social and environmental risks. Hence, after a comparative analysis of gains and losses, economic and environmental efficiency as well as risks in 52 years of the project’s life cycle, Vietnam Mining Coalition, in accordance with the 2010 Mineral Law, suggested a permanent halt in Thach Khe iron mine exploitation project, and the closing of Thach Khe mine.

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