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Recommendations for the Decree of Detailing the implementation of the Law on Forestry 2017

Photo: PanNature

The Forest Land Coalition (FORLAND), including group members under Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) such as the Center for Indigenous Knowledge Research and Development (CIRD), PanNature, and the Center for Tropical Forestry Research (TROPENBOS-Vietnam) have proposed comments and recommendations  for the 2nd Draft of the Degree Detailing the implementation of a number of articles of the Law on Forestry 2017. 

To FORLAND, the Decree is quite comprehensive and reflects great efforts of the Decree drafting agencies. It also inherits the provisions of current regulations on forestry, and provides further detail regarding aspects of the Law on Forestry 2017 and other related laws. However, there are still some points that need to be discussed and adjusted further to ensure the rights of the people, local communities, and enterprises in forestry activities, and promote more transparent and effective forestry governance.

FORLAND has pointed out some general issues concerning the approach, the completion,  the structure and the publication of the Degree, as well as the role and ownership characteristics of different forest types and forest owners. 

Based on those comments, FORLAND suggested some supplements and amendments related to priorities for ethnic minorities; forest allocation, forest lease, conversion of forest use purpose to other purposes, forest acquisition; timber legality assurance system and forest product trade management; the rights and obligations of forest owners and so on. 

This paper was conducted during FORLAND’s technical workshop on April 13 in Hanoi and is to send to The Decree drafting committee, and Vietnam Administration of Forestry – Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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