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Workshop on Promoting Effective Governance of the Mining Industry

In the last three decades, Vietnam’s mining industries have grown rapidly and contributed significantly to the state budget. However, there are concerns that revenues from mining industry are not really commensurate with the scale of extraction, investment and environmental costs.

Photo: PanNature

Promoting effective governance of the mining industry is a way towards comprehensive and inclusive development in order to increase revenues, enhance accountability and transparency, improve environmental quality and local communities’s life.

Photo: PanNature

In order to introduce the Resource Management Index and assessment results on minning industries in 2017, discuss the current situation and efforts to innovate the effective governance model of Vietnam’s mining industry, 30 January, Vietnam Mining Coalition and PanNature in collaboration with the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) to organize the workshop “Promoting Effective Governance of the Mining Industry” to promote effective governance of the mining industry in Vietnam.

Photo: PanNature

The workshop attracted the participation of 79 delegates from state agencies, organizations, associations, research institutes and press agencies.


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