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PanNature started the Field Research Fellowship Program

PanNature has started a Field Research Fellowship Program for senior students, graduate students and fellows. Began in June 2017, the program aims to promote scientific research activities in Hang Kia – Pa Co and Xuan Nha Natural Reserves in order to create a database for conservation interventions.

Research covers a wide range of topics: biodiversity and forest ecology, silviculture solutions, sustainable management and uses of NTFPs, community-based forest management and protection models, potential impacts threatening forest resources, and sustainable livelihoods linked with natural resources, to name a few.

PanNature’s field staff Phan Van Thang (left) with the research fellows (Photo: PanNature)

In the first phase of the program, three students from Vietnam National University of Forestry, Freiburg University (Germany) and four students from Tay Bac University were assisted by PanNature’s field staff in conducting six research projects. The students were provided with information and materials related to their topics, technical  orientation from PanNature’s staff as well as other logistics support such as interview contacts, transport vehicles and a portion of their living costs.

Students have conducted research on the following topics:

Full name

Research topics

Cao Danh Toan

Department of Forest Resource and Environmental Management

Vietnam National University of Forestry

Study basic characteristics of forest structure in the core zone of Xuan Nha Nature Reserve and propose indigenous plant species for forest rehabilitation in the buffer zone of the Reserve.”

The research aims to classify natural forests in the buffer zone and core zone of Xuan Nha Natural Reserve. By analyzing the structure of the regenerated canopy using indicators of species diversity, it proposes a list of indigenous species that have fared well in the buffer zone, and thereby aid in forest rehabilitation.

Dao Cong Anh

Natural Resource Management Program (Joint Program with the University of Colorado, US)

Vietnam National University of Forestry

“Research on tree biodiversity in elevations of 100-300m in Xuan Nha Nature Reserve”

The research aims to list the tree species at the height of 100-300m in the study area and classify the Endangered Species in 2007 IUCN Red List, 2007 Vietnam Red Data Book and the Decree 32. The study’s conclusions are about the characteristics of the timber species distribution in high elevation.

Nguyen Phuong Anh

Master of Science in Environmental Management

University of Freiburg, Germany

“Traditional ecology knowledge in Community Forest Management in Van Ho district, Son La province, Vietnam”

The research aims to analyze the structure and characteristics of traditional ecological knowledge on forest resources and forest management of the community in Van Ho district, Son La province. It also identifies the traditional knowledge that people have applied to forest management planning when participating in community forest management, while assessing the effectiveness and relevance of traditional knowledge of local communities in forest management.

Nguyen Thai Anh

Phan Duc Anh 

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

Tay Bac University


 “Exploring indigenous knowledge from ethnic communities in using medicinal plants in Xuan Nha commune, Van Ho district.”

The research investigates, samples and describes the use and distribution of some medicinal plants common in remedies. It also provides criteria for the selection of valuable medicinal plants based on indigenous knowledge from of ethnic communities in using medicinal herbs and vegetable species in Xuan Nha commune. It then proposes solutions to preserve and develop NTFPs in the locality.

Nguyen Manh Tan

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

Tay Bac University

 “Study ecological characteristics of  Amentotaxus argotaenia species in the corridor area Hoa Binh – Son La”

Nguyen Manh Tan

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

Tay Bac University 

 “Study ecological characteristics of  Amentotaxus argotaenia species in the corridor area Hoa Binh – Son La”


Conducting community surveys (Photo: PanNature)

Field trip into the forest (Photo: PanNature)

Some typical results include: identification of two populations of Amentotaxus argotaenia species with more than 30 plants within one hectare in Hang Kia – Pa Co Nature Reserve; the occurrence of Cunninghamia konishii species in Na An village, Xuan Nha district; the sighting of four monkeys (three yellow, one black) caught by local people in Pa Cop village, Van Ho commune; and the collection of specimens of 40 tree species in Xuan Nha Nature Reserve. The students also built a 60 square meter nursery with a 20 square meters greenhouse and three beds of nursery containers, conducted vegetative propagation for 150 cuttings of Amentotaxus argotaenia species, 60 cuttings of Taxaceae species and 85 cuttings of Calocedrus rupestris species, and they propagated and transplanted 20 seedlings of Dacrycarpus imbricatus and 12 seedlings of Pinus cernua.

Data processing after surveys (Photo: PanNature)
Specimen collection of 40 plant species in Xuan Nha Nature Reserve (Photo: PanNature)

PanNature’s field facility is located near the center of Van Ho district, with a full computer system, internet, vehicles and accommodations for 6-8 people. The field office is close to Xuan Nha Nature Reserve, Hang Kia – Pa Co Nature Reserve and the community forest areas in the communes of Van Ho district. PanNature continues the second round of the Field Research Fellowship Program from October to December 2017.

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