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Simple water filters bring clean water for villagers

This activity was firstly implemented from 30th April till 30th May 2008 in three villages namely, Khau Lan (Quyet Tien commune), Lang Tan 2 (Thanh Van Commune), Lung Tam Thap (Lung Tam Commune) in Quan Ba district of Ha Giang province. It is part of the Environmental Awareness Piloting Programme implemented by PanNature for the Quan Ba District Integrated Community Development Project of Caritas Switzerland.

Village training

To implement this, a technical project officer from PanNature has worked together with Project Management Board, commune and Village Communication groups to introduce and instruct the local the simple and hygienic water filter that fits with the local condition, hence, enhancing local communities’ awareness on clean water usage. Staff from PanNature and Communication Groups gathered up the people and discussed about the necessity of using clean water for the sake of hygiene and better health. Together we explored what has caused water contamination in the region, the subsequent effect of using such contaminated water to the people’s living. Moreover, villagers were introduced some simple techniques of filtering water which can be easily applied. Villagers are encouraged to contribute time, labourforce and utilize existing materials to make this water filter. Having a tiny budget for this activity, officer has used the plastic buckets with the capacity of 60 liters for each as filtering containers. Each village is provided 20 buckets, participant households were distributed buckets plus accessory parts. Participants would contribute other materials like charcoal, sand, and pebbles.

Simple water filter

Until the end of May 2008, approximately 80% of participant households have got their own water filters. This practical activity thus has been well received by the villagers.

Nguyen Van Luan – Project Officer

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