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Literature Review: Community-based Water Resource Management in Vietnam

This report reviews current literature by local and international researchers on communitybased water management in Vietnam available in both Vietnamese and English. Due to limited access to all sources of information in a short period of time, we have not covered all aspects of this issue. The key findings in this report sum up the major research work that our team has carried out.

It is necessary to mention the historic lack of thematic and comprehensive research and studies on community-based water management in Vietnam. Although local communities throughout Vietnam have practised self-management mechanisms for use and distribution of water since time began, little has been documented about the diverse culture and customs of this interesting issue.

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Within the scope of UNESCO’s funding contract, PanNature will also carry out field research missions to examine how local communities in selected areas throughout Vietnam are currently using and managing their water resources. Together with this report, we hope that results from field research will shed more light on this issue. The final product of this project, which is a combination of literature review and practical research work, will provide a more comprehensive picture of community-based water management in Vietnam.

Download the report here >> (PDF, 512 KB)

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