Mining-sourced tax collection needs improvements

Tax collected from the mining of natural resources, excluding crude oil, accounted for between 0.9 – 1.1 percent of the total state tax collections in the 2011-2013, according to the Ministry of Finance.

The amount is a far cry from the scale of exploitation activities, said delegates to a workshop held by People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) on May 13.

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Vietnam should reconsider all environmental regulations: experts

Foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction has marked a new phase in Vietnam and it is time for the country to reconsider all environmental regulations. Economic benefits should not be bartered at all costs, said experts at a seminar on industrial discharge in Hanoi yesterday by PanNature.

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Incidents indicate industrial waste management failings

Addressing the Industrial Waste: Weaknesses in Management and Policy Recommendations workshop organised by PanNature, former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Prof. ??ng Hùng Võ, cited the case related to the Formosa Hà T?nh Steel Corporation (FHS) in the V?ng Áng Economic Zone in the central Hà T?nh Provinc

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GFW announces the 2016 Recipients of the Small Grants Fund

Policy is central to successful forest management, and many of our projects are using GFW to inform policymakers and other stakeholders. In Ecuador, Regional Water Fund FORAGUA will improve the local management, monitoring, and enforcement of 11 municipal watershed reserves by providing training on the Global Forest Watch platform to environmental technicians, high school science teachers, and journalists. Asociación Ambiente y Sociedad (Colombia) is developing an online tool to inform local communities of infrastructure mega-projects and their potential impact on priority conservation areas, to enhance decision making and contribute to resolving conflicts. In Vietnam, People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature), will use GFW data to monitor and evaluate established payment for environmental services programs within three provinces, and make recommendations to policy makers on how to improve their efficacy. Pronatura will use GFW in order to inform Mexican decision makers on meeting their commitments to global initiatives such as REDD+ and the Bonn Challenge.

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More land taken from natural reserves, national parks

Road building projects that would pass through natural reserves have been proposed, while many resorts have been built in national parks.

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Spotlight: China releases water to drought-stricken Mekong countries ahead of Lancang-Mekong cooperation meeting

China has started to discharge water into the lower reaches of the Mekong River to alleviate drought in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, as a major gesture before the first Lancang-Mekong cooperation (LMC) leaders’ meeting to be held in late March.

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China to play vital role in development of Lancang-Mekong cooperation framework: Vietnamese expert

Trinh Le Nguyen, executive director of People and Nature Reconciliation, a Vietnamese not-for-profit organization, made the remark in an exclusive interview with Xinhua in the capital Hanoi on Tuesday.

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Dak Lak Yew forest revives

More than 10 years ago, scientists warned about the endangered yew (Glyptostrobus pensilis) forests in the central province of Dak Lak. Since then, activities have helped to preserve the species.

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PanNature becomes a new member of the ICCA Consortium

On 7 January 2016, PanNature was delighted to be one among nearly 100 members of the Indigenous Peoples’ and Community Conserved Areas and Territories (ICCA) Consortium.

The ICCA Consortium is an international association dedicated to promoting the appropriate recognition of and support to ICCAs  in the regional, national and global arena. It is comprised of Members (Indigenous People Organisations (IPOs) and Community-based Organisations (CBOs) and civil society organisations working with IPs/LCs) and Honorary members (individuals with relevant concerns and expertise relating to ICCAs). As a global institution, the Consortium is collaborating with the CBD Secretariat, GEF SGP, UNEP WCMC, IUCN, research and advocacy organisations, and UN mechanisms promoting human and IP and LC rights.

In recent years, PanNature has carried out a number of cooparation activities with other members of the ICCA Consortium. In August 2015, under Global ICCA Support Initiative (GIS) which supports promoting ICCA in at least 26 nations worldwide including Indonesia, Philipines, Malaysia and Vietnam, PanNature joined the Consortium’s sharing and capacity building event with other CSOs, government agencies as well as some ethnic groups in Lombok, Indonesia. Lessons learnt from this event has brought PanNature more new ideas on ICCA.


With support from the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF), PanNature has carried out feasibility study for a community-conserved protected area in Xin Man (Ha Giang province) in 2015.

Currently, PanNature is facilitating the Provisional ICCA Working Group in Vietnam (with the participation of Centre for Sustainable Development in Mountainous Areas, Department of Nature Conservation (under the Vietnam Administration of Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) FORWET and Fauna and Flora International.


A workshop recently organized in Ha Giang province to share result of the Xin Man feasibility studies, challenges and opportunities for ICCA approach in Vietnam.

In addition, PanNature has carried out field feasibility studies for piloting ICCA models in Xin Man district (Ha Giang province) and in the Central Highlands. We’re working with partners to expand ICCA network in Vietnam, as well as promoting this approach through communication and policy activities. Under the new cooperation framework with the Vietnam Administration of Forestry, PanNature will work with relevant agencies to carry out research on the status and challenges for forests managed by communes’ authorities and opportunities to promote ICCA in the context of coming new Forestry Law.

PanNature and Vietnam Administration of Forestry Signed Cooperation Program

According to the agreed upon plan, PanNature and other organizations will cooperate on numerous activities to assist VNFOREST in implementing evidence-based research for the proposed Forest Law, which will replace the Law on Forest Protection and Development of 2004. PanNature will also support VNFOREST in establishing the Vietnam’s Forest Owners Association.

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