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Vietnamese Investors and NGOs networking in Laos and Cambodia for sustainable development

PanNature organized this meeting on December 10th, 2018 to connect our business partners in piloting program with NGOs in Laos to strengthen the exchange dialogue between NGOs and Vietnamese private sectors and open an opportunity for further collaboration.

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Strengthening forest governance is vital for growth of Southeast Asia’s forests

Voices for Mekong Forests (V4MF), a regional project led by RECOFTC, began in 2017 to address this problem by doing just that. “Governance nowadays involves multiple processes that often require and can benefit from the active and positive contribution of civil society,” said Etienne Delattre, project coordinator for V4MF, in an interview. “[CSOs] bring the voices and convey the messages [of] local people and grassroots.”

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Project Strengthens Community’s Engagement in Natural Resource Management

A water resource management project has been underway in Dak Rong commune, K’Bang district of the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai, aiming to preserve the local biodiversity, improve the livelihood of communities in the basins of Srepok and Sesan rivers sustainably, and encourage the engagement of parties in managing natural resources.

The project, jointly managed by People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) and the GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Centre from 2016-2019, focuses on supporting and creating favourable conditions for local communities in getting involved in conserving and restoring the forests in the corridor between the Kon Ka Kinh National Park and the Kon Chu Rang natural reserve.

At the same time, it will also assist locals in developing sustainable agro-forestry models, thus easing the pressure on forest resources, which have been threatened by illegal deforestation.

Dak Rong, home to 1,042 households with 3,668 people, has a total natural area of about 34,000 hectares, including nearly 28,000 hectares of forest land, mostly production forest.

Locals mostly live on agriculture and forest exploitation, but due to limited arable land, they tend to destroy the forest for cultivation of industrial plants.

Illustrative photo (Source: VNA)

At the same time, Dak Rong has three hydropower plants, which seriously affects the rice farms in Kon Lanh Te and Kon Von I villages and part of industrial tree farms in Ha Dung II and Dak Trum villages, while seriously harming the water resources for daily activities of people in Kon Lanh Te village.

In order to promote the engagement of locals in Dak Rong in managing and protecting forests, the project has defined the role, capacity and the interest of relevant parties in the work, thus proposing the formation of an organisation representing the community called forestry team in villages. Supported by the local administration, 14 teams have been set up so far in the villages of Kon Loc I, Kon Von I and Kon Lanh Te.

The teams help connect locals with forest owners and the local administration in managing and protecting forests as well as discussing relevant issues. They also contribute to enhancing organisation capacity for the community, while improving locals’ livelihood in line with sustainable natural resources exploitation.

The model also helps settle disputes in natural resources and improve the relationship of parties in forest management and protection.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

My Good Experiences in Van Ho

When I was 23-26, I lived as an expat in Ho Chi Minh City. During that time, Vietnam became very dear to me. After moving back to my home country Denmark for two and a half years, I decided to come back to write my Msc thesis. As much as I thought I “knew” Vietnam, I was fully aware that there is so much more to this country than what the lively streets of Saigon have to offer. And as much is I enjoy everything Vietnam has given me, I wanted to give something back to the country that had taught me so much. When PanNature offered to host me in Vân H? in S?n La Province during my stay, I knew that this would be nothing like my former experiences.

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PanNature officially joined IPEN – a toxics-free future for all global network

On November 15th, PanNature has successfully registered as a participating organization in IPEN – a global network of public interest NGOs working together for a world in which toxic chemicals are no longer produced or used in ways that harm human health and the environment.

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Promoting women participation in forest restoration in Xuan Nha Nature Reserve

On November 14th, 2018, launching conference of the project “Promoting women participation in forest restoration in Xuan Nha Nature Reserve” was organized by People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) in collaboration with Xuan Nha Nature Reserve Governance Board and Xuan Nha Commune Women Association.

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Gender and FLEGT: Nexus and Options in Viet Nam

After hosting a workshop on Gender and FLEGT VPAs as part of the regional V4MF project, Dr. Kalpana Giri reflects on the lessons learned and the opportunities ahead.

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Training for Trainers: “Facilitation Capacities in Training”

In order to enhance capacities of forestry governance officers and those who facilitate different stakeholders in forest governance, the Center for People and Forest (RECOFTC), People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) co-organized a training for trainers (TOT) “Facilitation capacities in training” in Da Nang, Vietnam from October 8th to October 12th.

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Sharing experiences and promoting cooperation in communication on forest governance in Vietnam

On September 21st, 2018 in Hanoi, People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) in collaboration with the Center for People and Forest (RECOFTC) and World Wildlife Fund Vietnam (WWF_Vietnam) organized the conference “Sharing experiences and communication co-operations on forest governance in Vietnam”

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Green Livelihoods Alliance Mid-term Monitoring and Evaluation Meeting

From 14th to 17th September, 2018 in Da Lat (Lam Dong), Green Livelihoods Alliance (GLA) and its partners in Vietnam have held the 2018 mid-term monitoring and evaluation meeting.

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